Due to current public health concerns all consultations are provided virtually until further notice

Private Client services provide a well-rounded approach to breastfeeding your baby. In some instances new parents need assistance with attachment, positioning and "fine tuning" techniques which ensure that Baby is nursing efficiently and becoming satiated. Specific challenges such as sore or damaged nipples, breast infections and even more seriously concerning issues are addressed during these private consultations. The good news is, during any type of Private Lactation Consultation you choose all of your concerns will be fully addressed and answered.

So, how may I help you?

Private Virtual Clinical Lactation Assessment

This effective private consultation is conducted online via Video Chat. Unlimited phone, email, text message and video chat follow-up and support are included until Baby is fully weaned.

Private In-Home Clinical Lactation Assessment

This type of private consultation is provided to you in person, in the comfort of your own home. Unlimited phone, email, text message and video chat follow-up and support are included until Baby is fully weaned. 

10 Hour Overnight Clinical Lactation Assessment

Recommended during the first week post partum to facilitate a smoother breastfeeding experience. During this 10-Hour Lactation Assessment, it is possible to set-up feeding and post feeding routines efficiently. With fewer distractions, overnight consultations allow information to be more easily absorbed and retained.


The 10 hour period allows for at least 3 rounds of consultations. Reserve 1 to 7 Overnights, unlimited phone, email, text message, video chat follow-up and support is also included until Baby is fully weaned. 



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