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Gently bringing baby into the flow of family life.

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Andrea Syms-Brown



Simply put, Andrea created Baby in the Family LLC to help each new family navigate and adjust to the early days and nights of parenting. She is very well known for providing gentle guidance on how breastfeeding naturally actually works !

Listening and providing answers is her thing.

Welcome Home, you"ll be glad you found her!



Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding families who received consistent, ongoing breastfeeding support usually surpass their breastfeeding own goals  ....a known win-win situation! 

Every breastfeeding challenge (sore nipples, back or wrist discomfort, pumping issues, mastitis) can be addressed and overcome .

Newborn / Breastfeeding Classes

Our classes present practical and insightful approaches to helping you be confident when bringing your baby gently in the flow of your family. 


 I could not be more thankful to have found Baby in the Family/ Andrea. While I live in California, virtual meetings have allowed us to connect. It truly feels as though Andrea is in the room with us at our meetings. Her guidance feels like a virtual hug. It is because of Andrea that I have been able to continue my breastfeeding journey. I want to recommend Andrea to all new moms!  


With Andrea, it was like she was in the room. She was able to see things on the video that I could not see, sitting next to my wife while she tried to feed our kid. As soon as we hired her, we were a team, and all Andrea's emails were titled Team [Baby Name]. That made us feel cared for and special. As for the advice--it was plentiful, specific, caring, and empathetic. She also followed up with us regularly when we were too tired to reach out ourselves.  100/100!/A+/Highly Recommend!"


My midwife recommended Andrea to us, and within 10 minutes of our first virtual session my baby was latched calmly, and was eating his fill, and all without pain.  I cried tears of joy.  I had felt like a failure for not being able to breastfeed easily, and Andrea was so empowering and calming, and it's so clear that she loves her work.  She helped my family tremendously and we’re so grateful for her!

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