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Gently bringing baby into the flow of family life

Simply put, Andrea created Baby in the Family LLC to help each new family navigate and adjust to the early days and nights of parenting. She is very well known for providing gentle guidance on how breastfeeding naturally actually works!

Listening and providing answers is her thing.

Welcome Home, you"ll be glad you found her!

View the trailer for our Caring for a Newborn with Andrea Syms-Brown workshop below. Should you choose to rent the stream privately, feel free to email us all your clarification questions.

"I LOVED IT! The other class I purchased also had similar information, but I felt that your class had some helpful additional tips, and your calming voice and presentation manner really made me feel confident that 'I got this!'" "

Shelly H.

"I think the video is EXCELLENT- it is by far the best Newborn Care video I have seen. It's high quality, it is clear, it is user-friendly. She breaks everything down really well so that it's easily understood. She gives explanations that are cogent. The production as a whole is very high quality. I am extremely impressed. I honestly would say it's a "must watch" for all new parents."
Mary Ausman. Yummy Mummy Sales Associate.

Nursing & Sore Nipples


Mastitis and Breastfeeding

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