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Come Join The 'LIME'

Our online breastfeeding support community


Breastfeeding Support Circle

For thousands of years, families have gathered to catch up (lime) and share a meal, all while breastfeeding their babies. Honoring this tradition, join the BitFam Breastfeeding Lime, a friendly online community providing evidence-based support to nursing families. Sign up by 12pm EST and join us while relaxing on your couch or bed 😉, get some breastfeeding support, and make new, long-lasting friendships all while chit-chatting and exploring this delicious ancient activity! Every breastfeeding family has questions, so all are welcome to join our affordable Breastfeeding *Lime.

* Lime. Verb/Noun - Trinbagonian slang for hanging out, socializing, usually includes eating and drinking, with like-minded folks.

FALL 2022

Upcoming Events

RSVP to join as many Limes as you'd like! Registration is complete upon receipt of payment. Please note registration closes at NOON EST on the day of the Lime.


What Our Clients Say

Charlene, NJ

"Andrea is the third IBCLC with whom I consulted. I am so happy I did.  My son has a tight jaw, and Andrea taught me a whole new technique for breastfeeding. So the chomping, the biting, the pain -- it disappeared. I love breastfeeding my son now, and I owe that to Andrea.  Andrea is the reason I am breastfeeding my son today and I feel indebted to Andrea -- she is amazing!


Breastfeeding is a social activity;
you are never alone.

~ Andrea Syms-Brown, IBCLC, RLC

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